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  1. Absolutely right on. If people only had any idea what was actually in their vaccines, would they take them? This is why it is so important to keep immunity levels high because vaccines will never be needed. Ultimately, it’s a soul thing and if your soul is awakened, it would never touch vaccines. We can only spread the word and hope folks will wake up. Thank you for this important video, Nick.

    I also recommend folks listen in to this very short video as well:


  2. Nick, I was an army nurse and am very much aware of biological weapons which this “virus” is. Dr Birks and Dr faucci are both deep state entities and have had the virus stored away. Big pharma is out to kill us. There is an international law suit headed by Italy going after the WHO for killing off thousands with this virus
    I can only say that I have refused flu, pneumonia and certainly the covid vaccine. I also believe that President Trump will pull the plug on the vaccines because they were not tested properly and their were deaths in the trials that far exceeded the norms.
    And to Jot you are so right
    Both videos are so important.

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    1. I have thought about Trump and the vaccines too and hoping that he’ll certainly pull the plug. This may be part of the disclosure plan of TRUTH which is now surfacing. Perhaps it’s part of a bigger picture which will come together to awaken these souls. Thanks, Martha


  3. I saw this 2 weeks ago…interesting stuff. Thanks My wife is from China and we get info from her family who are saying how their gov. is behind all this….of course, it’s all here say for now. We will find out someday soon.


  4. Mr. Fleming, could you put a very short summary about the content of the video? For those who do not understand spoken English, if interested in the topic, would look for someone or some software to help transcribe the audio.
    I don’t speak English, I translate all your posts using an online translator …


  5. Hi Nick,

    Can these videos on the covid vaccines be shared with the President and his family? I want to make sure I can send this out?

    Barb Canter

    On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 1:16 PM Nicks Intel Update wrote:

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