02/13/2021 Update

Our military intel contact said MEGA-ANTICIPATION MODE CONTINUES today Sat 13 Feb–he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that T4B notifications would be coming out after the Senate Impeachment Trial clown show concluded, which just finished this afternoon Sat 13 Feb; our guy said that as of 3:23 pm EST, right as the Senate trial was concluding, orders went out to start our T4B notifications some time in the next 24-to-48-or-more-hours (intentionally vague for security);
. So our guy is confirming MarkZ’s sources and Texas Snake’s separate sources all reporting that (1) whales [holders of large amounts of currencies] were told the day before yesterday Thu 11 Feb to pack their bags and be ready to travel at a moment’s notice as early as this weekend (13-14 Feb) to start exchanging, and (2) Snake’s banking exchange center sources reporting that several large tranches of funds had been moved as of yesterday Fri afternoon 12 Feb for the shotgun liquidity start which is STILL IMMINENT; our guy got independent confirmation of the funds movement on Thu and Fri 11-12 Feb to start the higher level bond seller liquidity release which would lead to downstreaming of funds to all lower level tiers T1-4 from this Mon 15 Feb onward;
. Our guy said be watching for T4B notifications any time over the next 24-to-48-or-more-hours as the shotgun liquidity start is initiated, now that the Senate Impeachment trial clown show is over. And he said GET YOUR EXCHANGE / REDEMPTION FILES READY TO TAKE TO YOUR APPOINTMENTS and get your PROJECT OUTLINE PRESENTATION WARMED UP AND PRACTICED for the higher contract rates–YOUR TIME IS HERE AND IS UPON YOU.
[3:19 PM]
. He said prayers are appreciated that all goes forward without any interference, as the Chinese Elders wanted the RV shotgun start done for the Chinese New Year celebrations that started yesterday Fri 12 Feb, and as the 900 active military personnel working on getting the RV / GCR out the door said earlier this past week that THEY WOULD FULFILL THEIR MISSION TO GET THE RV/GCR OUT BY NOW, accd to the mission that was GIVEN THEM BY PRESIDENT TRUMP (still president as confirmed by the Impeachment trial, which constitutionally can only try a CURRENT PRESIDENT OR PUBLIC OFFICE HOLDER and NOT a private citizen) and also given them by the interim military govt led by Gen. John Hyten, vice chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at DoD; he said that Biden could not stop the RV release, even if he wanted too but would be confined to the basement of the Amazon Castle Rock fake Oval Office till further notice (that was a joke, he said with a smile… a bit of comic relief to break the tension of waiting this weekend. . . ).

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