02/18/2021 Update

Our military intel contact just got back that as of 2:30 pm EST today Thu 18 Feb liquidity was being released successfully in test bonds closings for T2 govt related humanitarian organizations (T1 bonds & liquidity for govts were completed yesterday Wed 17 Feb); then audits were successful & at 5:23 pm EST today Thu 18 Feb orders went out to move to the next set of bond tests over the next 24 hours; these T1-2 bond liquidity funds are providing liquidity to be downstreamed to lower tiers and the 866 military personnel working on keeping these upper level bond funds moving have had to re-do security protocols to ensure no Deep State pedosatanists can siphon off funds, because the bond funds are in the mega-trillions or more range he said; so the GOOD NEWS is THINGS ARE MOVING TO CONCLUSION but T4B will likely not be reached till next Mon-Tue 22-23 Feb; so he said manage your expectations and keep praying—Deep State efforts to delay the release are BEING OVERCOME NOW.

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