08/27/2021 Update

Our military intel contact said that he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s and other sources reporting that we have reached the seemingly insurmountable summit and our wait is OVER–1) the news is very positive that we in T4B will finally see this release of exchanges between now and the end of the month next Tue 31 Aug, 2) Everything is ready to start and we are just waiting for the green light for the shotgun start, 3) down streaming of funds has been continuing on schedule this past week in mid-level accounts to get ready for the shotgun start (T3-upper-level F&P [adjudicated settlement+PPs], T4A paymaster and mid-level accounts)–he confirmed that ALL IS GOOD; this is the same as several other intel providers have been reporting that any time between now and next Tue/Wed 31 Aug-1 Sept, they should be ready to start T4B and the shotgun start liquidity cascading event to lower levels (lowest level beneficiary accounts in T3-4A and the T4B exchanges-redemptions);
. ..He said keep in mind that the timing of the RV release has been a MOVING TARGET, so though he has heard the dates below are firm they may change SLIGHTLY as conditions on the ground change;
. ..The RV release was always a PART of the Alliance military plan to bring down the Deep State globally, not a plan independent of the latter goal; BUT he said that like other sources are saying, the chess game has ALREADY been lost by the Deep State and now it is just a move-countermove progression till the inevitable RV release check-mate is executed shortly by the white hats;
. ..His info is that bond holder notifications are set to go out tomorrow Sat 22 Aug for liquidity Tue 31 Aug, and T4B notifications could come out at the same time or any time Mon, Tue, or Wed 30, 31 Aug, 1 Sept–any time between tomorrow Sat 22 Aug and Tue-Wed 31 Aug to 1 Sept; he is confirming that there are large global bank and financial industry meetings with Iraq and all 207 countries meeting tomorrow Sat 22 Aug to coordinate and prepare things;
[5:38 PM]
. ..The RV teams at the banks reported that they are still on schedule according to the current schedule that the World Court has mandated;
. ..YES IT HAS BEEN A SLOW PROCESS but the military and the RV security teams have made it slow to make absolutely sure that everything is in order, is by the book (rule of law), and no cabal interference or cabal stealing and rehydration of cabal accounts can happen, BECAUSE the cabal just gave the world another demonstration of their vicious bloodthirsty behavior in the Kabul bombings that killed over 100 people yesterday Thu 26 Aug (below);
. ..All of the teams and group leaders at the banks are very excited watching money being downstreamed into mid-level accounts to prepare for the shotgun start next week;
. ..According to the World Court mandate all bond contracts were completed this past Wed 25 Aug so that they cannot be traded any more and so that these contracts can only be executed (legalese for contracts being performed and paid out granting liquidity access to bond holder recipient accounts); since the banks cannot make any more money by trading the bond contracts any more, this fact plus World Court pressure is pushing the RV release to happen NOW not days and not weeks from now.
[5:41 PM]
. ..The upper layers of payouts into T1-2 Govt and military and humanitarian organization accounts are done already and the middle layers of T3-4A account funds being downstreamed are finishing up today Fri 27 Aug.
. ..While keeping in mind the moving target of the RV release, his info matched other intel sources saying that T4B notifications are currently expected any time between tomorrow Sat 28 Aug and next Tue 31 Aug or Wed 1 Sept, depending on when the release algorithm recommends locking down final rates and procedures for all levels, whether overnight into Sat 28 Aug, or Sun or Mon or Tue 29-31 Aug–but the military and the RV teams are being pressed by the World Court mandate to get T4B started by Tue-Wed 31 Aug – 1 Sept. They want us in T4B all done by Mon 13 Sept so they can adjust rates for the T5 public and start the T5 public exchanges by Wed 15 Sept;
. ..The NESARA / GESARA public announcement is expected around 9/11, Sat 11 Sept, to commemorate the Deep State via Bush Jr and Cheney killing 3000+ US citizens and Pentagon teams working on NESARA and the RV release back then on 11 Sept 2001.
. ..He confirmed that German bond holders and other bond holders have been told that their liquidity access would be next Tue 31 Aug;
. ..He said Tony’s intel on the ZIM is misinfo: there is no problem with the ZIM 2008 AA bonds and we should have no problem redeeming them at the redemption appt;
[5:42 PM]
. ..Last Sat 21 Aug Trump in his speech (https://www.rev.com/blog/transcript-category/donald-trump-transcripts) made a soft announcement of GESARA starting when he made reference to border security with Mexico and the fake Biden border disaster, voting security and the increasing news of election fraud in AZ, GA and other swing states coming out (he said the Deep State started preparing last Mon 23 Aug for the inevitable exposure of voting fraud in AZ–they KNOW it’s coming), and Trump also referred to getting the military out of Afghanistan as required by GESARA and NESARA protocols and as mandated by the World Court this past week; he is confirming news from Bruce’s sources and other sources that GESARA began to be fully implemented this past Wed 25 Aug; he said BIDEN-HARRIS DO NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED for the RV EXCHANGES TO START–all military special forces have been briefed that Biden may be removed by the DoD long after we in T4B have exchanged;
. ..He said that because of the GESARA implementation on Wed 25 Aug related to the global RV release, the Rockefeller Deep State / CIA struck back with the Afghan twin suicide bombers at the Kabul Airport yesterday Thu 26 Aug that killed 13 US military personnel, wounded 18, and killed 95 innocent Afghanis that were working with the USA; unfortunately the fake Biden admin people shared intel with the Taliban this past week that produced a virtual “kill list” for Deep State ISIS-K forces there as military sources reported to Gregg Jarrett (https://thegreggjarrett.com/centcom-commander-reveals-u-s-shared-intelligence-with-taliban-official-says-it-created-kill-list/ ); this is LIKELY why Biden just announced that there may be further terror attacks in Kabul, because he and his Deep State handlers are plotting them right now;
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Gregg Jarrett
CENTCOM Commander Reveals U.S. Shared Intelligence With Taliban, Of…
Commander of the United States Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie admitted an “intelligence-sharing” operation had occurred between the United States

[5:43 PM]
. ..He said the intel sharing that produced the kill-list shows the Kabul bombings yesterday Thu 26 Aug were obvious retaliation from the Deep State for the Alliance white hats pushing through the RV and pushing through GESARA globally as part of the Alliance plan to defeat the Deep State globally;
. ..He is confirming that the bank ATMs are being prepared to carry the USN / USTN currency notes and will be released tentatively by mid-Sept when the T5 public starts exchanges;
. ..He said enjoy your weekend as we are AT THE END!! Keep prayers going up and be prepared for your redemption-exchange appt coming soon; he said contrary to some claims out there, if you do not have your own trust prior to exchanging, IT IS PERFECTLY SAFE to use the exchange bank’s TEMPORARY skeleton trust, because 1) it is REVOCABLE meaning you can change it any time you and your legal team / trust company form the kind of IRREVOCABLE (unchangeable) trust that you desire to protect your money;
. ..He also said ZIP YOUR LIPS after your NDA is signed and after your redemption-exchange appt in order to protect yourself and your family from having a big bullseye-target on your back for cabal scammers going after you post-RV.

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