01/06/2022 In the Shadow of Lies

In the Shadow of Lies
Today, on the first anniversary of the Jan 6 “riot” in Washington D.C., President Biden said, “At this moment we must decide what kind of nation we are going to be. Are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm? Are we going to be a nation where we allow partisan election officials to overturn the legally expressed will of the people? Are we going to be a nation that lives not by the light of the truth but in the shadow of lies?”

Such a startling statement here made by the infamous Hunter Biden’s father. The same criminal family cartel caught in so many quid pro quo corruption scandals in nation states like Ukraine, Afghanistan, China, and now Kazakhstan. The latest crime against innocents where according to Jen Psaki, “2,500 US Troops or more are expected to help stabilize the situation.”

So, here in the US we’re touted as malefactors supporting an overthrow of a lawful government, while the real Malefactor-in-Chief is now creating another Iraq-like scenario, with deceit, with bribery, and with the same (C_A, F_I) shills and plants fomenting hatred and unrest. When are we going to see this disgusting routine end?

When are we going to see the real Commander In Chief stand up and take his rightful place on the World Stage?

Iraq is the Lynch-pin
The Iraqi nation has been coerced, forced into the role of submissive, for decades always with a plan for a few to benefit. This constant pattern was recognized and has been subverted, corrected, and now, with the global awareness of this chronic Bad Act, many millions will benefit and especially the sovereign Iraqi People. This sovereign nation state has a new government, now under a New Financial System, supported by and in Agreement with China. Together with other BRICS nations, AIIB has coordinated a plan for infrastructure development with every human necessity improved, or built as new. Education, Health, Banking, Housing, Work, Transportation, Agriculture, Aquaculture – it’s all going to be built as new. The opportunities for Iraq are in planning stages, but in 2 short years visitors will not recognize this country.

The (new) Iraqi Government have put into place a formal plan to enter the world stage with a White Paper, scheduled to be published on January 9th, including the new 2022 Budget. The in-country-rate in Iraq, will be shown at a rate above $6.00. The international rate being discussed now, is projected to be higher than $11.00, if not double that rate. This is a negotiation determined by valuations for various assets which must be verified, qualified and quantified.

Now Representing the “IRAQ CHINA OIL PROJECT”
After what the US did to Iraq, the Iraqis did not want the US to benefit from currency swaps in any way. This wish proved impossible to prevent in a fair trade global market. What was possible though was preventing the US from participating in any future oil credits. This eliminates the US from benefitting from any platforms involved in monetizing future oil credits. Something that has been planned on, and even monetized. This will have to be dealt with. How though remains a mystery.

Beware of Keeping Discussions Quiet
Whenever brokers get ready to close their side-by-side deals the statement, “It’s best to be quiet now,” is repeated. Beware of this phrase. Keeping silent is complicit Agreement. Dealing with precious assets is a highly regulated process and constantly subject to change. Whatever is happening early January 2022 is subject to late Fall 2022, and the laws may change. Section 763 (h) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to require reporting of large SBS or Security Based Swap positions. This for example is one such regulation used to validate and scrutinize a country’s currency rate, and large currency swaps. Looking back at banking transactions by regulating agencies will be done more and more, especially in this present Administration. Private Deals under NDA’s are reviewed by various regulators, including the SEC (if asked). Any Buyer/Seller negotiating a coordinated-bank-facilitated deal with a back-screen rate, is taking a risk. The QFS is tracking money up to 50 moves and every action is recorded and can (ALWAYS) be pulled back. There’s no hiding illegal, compromising acts. Full disclosure must take place.

Full Transparency is in Play
This “White Paper” published by the new Iraq Government, January 9th, in three days is a good start. Let’s bring out the details so that the World can see what is coming, beautiful things for the People of Iraq and a restoration of a Once Great Nation. We don’t have long to wait. Along with Iraq comes the GOLDEN DINAR, and new unions with new Trade Agreements all over the world will be announced.

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