02/07/2022 Update

Brent sweet crude traded at close to $93.00 today and the float is expected to continue to rise. Likewise the Iraq Dinar is expected to rise in value February 9th, immediately following the announcement from the United Nations, that Iraq is justifiably qualified and certified internation-trade-ready.
According to their Constitution, Presidents must be elected and seated by February 9th, and without fail this will be done. The Sadrists have protested Maliki’s departure, but will be participating according to the Constitutional requirements.
Iraq has this tightly in control.
The Dinar’s International (starting) rate will be $3.20 and float up along with the price of a barrel of oil, till it reaches $120.00. At which time we’re told the rate will be maintained at $3.20 US.
We understand that Redemption Exchange Centers are all geared up to start Tuesday night. Certainly Wednesday will see some exciting announcements.
Are we Ready, Willing and Able? You betcha!

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