According to the Military, the Redemption Centers are located and will be open in the US. Just not this week. The IMF is trying to initiate a worldwide global financial System, starting on 7/21/22. Iraq might, might start at the end of the month. They are still deciding what to do about Maliki, who’s holding up the process making it impossible for the people of Iraq to do anything.

As for Mr. Charlie Ward, he’s on a new tangent, talking about limited ZIM redemption. This appears to be self-serving. While there’s no RV this week, there’s nothing this coming weekend either. CMKX packages have not been given the OK to deliver yet. CMKX, Prosperity, all are sitting on the QFS and hasn’t been given the OKAY to release. There is too much going on around the world that’s preventing it from happening. A lot of what was said on these calls is not happening, on MarkZ’s call; Wolverine’s repetition of all hype without fact.

These guys who have contact in the Redemption Centers, Bruce, Texas Snake, all know that the Redemption Centers (in the thousands), will remain in the US. They will not take in ZIM now though. There is not a contract for the ZIM. HOWEVER, right now, these Redemption Centers might give you a few pennies for these bonds. BRING THESE TO REDEMPTION CENTERS. There is always a possibility to negotiate SOMETHING. Take them in. We don’t know yet.

The digital money is going to be handled a little differently. It will be “redeemed”. You can take all of your Venezuelan Bolivar in and it will all be exchanged. That includes 2020, 2021, and they will all be exchanged, and the digital bolivar will be “redeemed”. There are NO ZEROs COMING OFF. The zeros were taken off and then they were added back on.

If you’re part of the Prosperity Packages, bring in your letters, or receipts, or some proof of your place, bring it in. You can handle this in the Redemption Process.

Nobody knows when this is taking place. It’s not happening on the 21st. The IMF is bringing in their DIGITAL BANKING SYSTEM. This is not the QFS. It will be tagged to the QFS, but it’s not now. This is a part of the big changes taking place. This is the “One World Currency” and not a good thing. Right now, there’s more CABAL pushing this. We are in a Wait-and-See mode.

Iraq/Iran is furnishing drones to Russia. Russia is providing Iran all that is needed to get their nuclear weapons built. There are huge problems in the Democratic Party. Biden’s only doing one thing, enriching his family. Now they’ve got him for out-and-out Treason. There’s nothing that anyone- Pelosi-no one can save Biden. He needs to be impeached and out of office.

So far, the US is behind the Eight Ball. Shake it and you get the message, “I DON’T KNOW”. The future is parity around the world. $1:1 for every nation state is the goal. Everything, including the new IQD (at the new in-country rate of $3.22+) is still being traded on the back Bank Screen. It will be brought back anywhere from $3.22 up to $22.00. This $3.22 rate was the rate where S. Hussein was in office. This is not anything anyone can confirm, unless you have access to back Screens – as a Fed licensed Trader. Don’t even try to confirm. It will happen when the time is right. For now, I DON’T KNOW is the only safe place.

Iran has a lot of counterfeit dinars. There are counterfeit currencies all over the world, that needs to be cleaned up. There is too much thievery. Too much to recount here. The Military are trying to get it done. The IMF and the WORLD BANK are trying to step in and get their ducks in a row to push through this ONE WORLD CURRENCY with the WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION. No deadline, but an announcement should be imminent.

The 21st is the NEW WORLDWIDE BANKING SYSTEM. What this means to Patriots in the US remains to be seen. For now, we know it’s a push to confiscate our guns. The BIS, the WORLD TRADE, the WORLD BANK, has everything in place to CUT THE US OUT OF EVERYTHING. We do not qualify till we’re under the ONE WORLD SYSTEM. This present Federal Government are playing along with every agenda – no matter the US CONSTITUTION.

Bottom line, the RV is happening. The US will NOT be left out. There’s no way the rest of the world can move forward with RV without the US.

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