06/15/2021 Update

For security our military intel contact said all he can say is that the release IS expected any time in approximately the next 48 hours, Thu 17 June is expected to be a day of reckoning, and his info agrees with Snake’s exchange banker’s info—Snake TUE 15 JUNE..“[RV news from the banker] is even moreContinue reading “06/15/2021 Update”

06/14/2021 Update

It has been confirmed that banks, HSBC and CHASE, are inviting people (whales based on currency held, not based on present net worth), in to privately exchange.These were people that were NOT in a private exchange, but were connected with previous government jobs.

06/13/2021 Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr Fleming’s sources who said that when the military security teams and UST tried last Thu morning 10 June at 4:38 am EST to initiate the shotgun start with T4B notifications being emailed out, in their double checking and triple checking, the QFS showed that just under 400 paymastersContinue reading “06/13/2021 Update”

06/12/2021 Update

Our military intel contact just said that reports from Mr Fleming’s sources that as of yesterday-today Fri-Sat 11-12 June funds have been released in the banks globally & “money that was (for months), ‘On Hold’ at the bank[s], has now been released” for the shotgun start next Mon Tue Wed 14-16 June; he said thatContinue reading “06/12/2021 Update”


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