10/25/20 Afternoon Update

Our military intel contact said Holly’s info is false misinfo that T2 will be released just before or just after the election with T3-4A exchanged through December, then T4B at end Dec; he said this is complete misinfo; said the release is STILL NOW and it is STILL a shotgun release, as Bruce’s sources &Continue reading “10/25/20 Afternoon Update”

This Is From Carden Group

Thank, you Nick for checking with the DoD, about the public/private differences between Carden Group and the “general population”. This makes sense. Any N.D.A., no matter how small or large, has language in general and language specific, to the information not to be shared. Generally speaking, it’s don’t talk about who, what, where, why, how;Continue reading “This Is From Carden Group”

10/23/20 Early Morning Update

Our military intel contact said that the need for currency holders to be quiet like Carden’s group is NOT aimed at Carden and her admin’s communicating discretely with group members or to stop Shelton’s phase 2 instructions to group members about how to get through redemption appointments successfully; the directive effective from today Thu 10/22Continue reading “10/23/20 Early Morning Update”

10/21/20 Additional Update

all the Paymasters in the world will be funded today and tomorrow. Payments on Wednesday around the world. Starting tomorrow, there are new communication rules. URGENTLY BEING PENDING EMAILS FOR PAYMENT APPOINTMENTS

10/21/20 Morning Update

Our military intel contact replied “The so-called intel providers saying the RV release will not be till after the election are as wrong now as they were last week”; his info is still the same as Dr Charlie Ward’s White House sources (as well as Bruce’s sources, Shelton’s sources, MarkZ’s sources, and other sources) thatContinue reading “10/21/20 Morning Update”


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